VVIP Flights Catering


Our VVIP Flights Catering Solutions helps your high-profile passengers to enjoy comfortable and friendly hand-picked world-class meals, from local and international kitchens and cuisines.

VVIP Executive Flights Catering is a very demanding service that undoubtedly requires a perfectionist approach & spirit that does not leave any room for mistakes. Commercial aviation has experienced a boom in the past two decades, and the number of private and corporate flights to and from Libya has also increased accordingly.

Chef Catering is taking VVIP Flights Catering to a new level. In terms of Executive commercial and private jet catering, you will get the highest level of in-flight service. Our team of experts ensures that the entire ordering process from start to finish meets all your expectations. Chef Catering provides you with a wide range of choices. Special requirements and dietary restrictions can be arranged for the kitchen to meet all your needs.



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