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Chef Catering is the largest independent provider of airline catering services in Libya with a long-term experience in the field. We are located at Mitiga International Airport in Tripoli, which makes it the only flight carting company to be located inside an airport in Libya.
Being in the airport, insures the highest quality and time efficiency of meals production keeping up with high standards to meet our client’s needs.We proud caterer provider for best commercial airline companies, in addition to VIP &  VVIP flights.
Our commitment to quality and sustainability has won us loyal supporters of our customers, who continue to grow due to enthusiastic recommendations. Chef Catering prepares your meals carefully from scratch every time. We mainly focus on freshness and taste and combine local ingredients in a way that reflects our classic culinary roots and creative talents.
Our experienced staff is proud of the service we provide to your passengers or guests. They have the spirit of service that makes our event unique: attention to detail, serious service, and a strong desire to satisfy you and your clients or business teams.
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